Teaching Resources

The Department of Astronomy has a number of supplies and webpages which are useful for teaching or public outreach.

  • Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans (aka Learning Goals)
    These are university documents which describe the educational goals and methods of assessment in our program.
  • Making Class Webpages
    This is a guide for faculty who wish to create a course webpage on our site.
  • Supplies
    This is a list of books, videos, posters, and educational aids available in the department for use by the faculty, instructors and TAs.
  • The Astronomy Workshop
    This is an award-winning collection of interactive web-based programs for introductory astronomy as well as more advanced courses. It is written and maintained by Dr. Doug Hamilton and students.
  • Introductory Astronomy
    Supplementary reading with good explanations of introductory astronomy topics. Includes optional computer graded quizzes. Written by Kristen and Scott Miller.
  • Astronomy Image Library
    Doug Hamilton has collected over 2000 images (jpeg, gif, Power Point) from ASTR100 textbooks into an easily-browsable Astronomy Image Library. [Available only within the UMD community.]
  • Doug Hamilton's Scramble and Quest programs.
    Programs scramble and quest are available to UMD faculty and graduate students to aid in the production of ASTR100 exams.