Career & Diversity Information

This is a collection of useful links relating to the Astronomy Department's BANG! seminar series (formerly "Career Paths and Diversity Seminars").

Career Information

  • Physics Today webinars (Eric McKenzie, 2/22/17)
    Career development webinars hosted by Alaina Levine on topics such as networking, interviewing, and giving presentations.
  • Data Science Can Be an Attractive Career for Physicists (Eric McKenzie, 8/29/16)
    Physics Today article on the rise of data science and the boot camps that help physical scientists make the transition.
  • Advancing Postdoc Women Guidebook (Eric McKenzie, 10/16/15)
    This resource from the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) focuses on mentoring, childcare, and career and professional development programs (including finding jobs in industry). Many of the resources are also of use to male postdocs and graduate students.
  • AIP Data on Astronomy - Education and Employment (Eric McKenzie, 7/15/15)
    Astronomy enrollment, career, and diversity statistics from the American Institute of Physics.
  • Connecting Physics Students to Career Opportunities (Eric McKenzie, 7/15/15)
    A career guide for physics undergrads and their advisers; applicable to astronomy undergrads as well.
  • The Future of the Postdoc (Stuart Vogel, 4/9/15)
    A Nature article on the oversupply of postdocs.
  • CARE presentation on Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence (11/18/14)
    This presentation by the Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence Office gives resources, scenarios, and recommendations for when a student reports an incident to you of sexual misconduct or relationship violence.
  • Marc Pound's presentation on Non-Tenure Track (aka Professional Track) Faculty (11/13/14)
    This presentation reviews the employment trends of professional track faculty (lecturers, researchers, etc.) both nationwide and at UMD, then reviews the positive changes that the University is making to support and enhance their careers.
  • How to Write a Recommendation Letter (Lori Feaga, Oct. 2014)
  • How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (Stuart Vogel, 9/24/14)
    Here's a link to an excellent article on applying for faculty jobs, with information all the way from where to look to questions to ask at an interview. It first appeared in the 1990's, but it recently reappeared with significant updates. It's geared towards "primarily undergraduate institutions" which also do research, but it has lots of information that applies from community colleges to research universities. It's written by biologists, but most of it is good advice in astronomy and physics.
  • Hunting for Jobs at Liberal Arts Colleges (Eric McKenzie, 9/24/14)
    Here is another article with advice, this one geared toward astronomy/physics positions. Again, many of the suggestions are broadly applicable to other types of academic jobs.

Diversity Resources