photo of partially eclipsed sun through clouds

Great American Eclipse 2017

On Monday 21 August 2017 the entire United States will get a chance (weather-permitting) to see a partial solar eclipse. For those in (or traveling into) a narrow path that traverses the country, there will also be a total eclipse visible. We are not in that path!
YOU MUST USE APPROPRIATE PRECAUTIONS WHEN OBSERVING THE SUN! This means wearing approved eclipse glasses, having appropriate filters in front of any optics (camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes), and checking filters for manufacturing defects or damage from handling or mishandling. Regular sunglasses are meant to reduce the glare around you, not for looking at the sun. Eyepiece filters or filters placed behind optics can be damaged by the focused light of the sun and break during observing making them dangerous. Eye damage is serious. It is very easy to get eye damage if you don't follow instructions. If you follow instructions and are careful, you can safely observe the sun.

Partial Eclipse Viewing

The UMD Astronomy Department and Observatory will hold a public observing session on Monday 21 Aug 2017 from 1-3pm on the plaza beneath the Physical Science Complex (PSC) ellipse on UMD's College Park campus. We have a limited number of eclipse glasses to handout and will have telescopes to safely observe the partially eclipsed sun.
+ The viewing session will get canceled if it is too cloudy!
+ This event is on campus. There will be NO viewing at the Observatory.

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The majority of our faculty and students will be traveling to go see the total eclipse. Many are already gone and the rest are leaving over the next few days. If you have questions, you need to email warnerem[at]astro[dot]umd[dot]edu ASAP!


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